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weapon 'swoosh' in alice and soul calibur...

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has anyone any idea on how to do the effect produced in alice and most fighting games where the weapons leave a trail behind them when they are moved?? (see pic, if it worked)

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First off i wanna say that SC is my favorite fighting game of all time..

There are two ways I know of to produce the type of ''swoosh'' you want. one way is a frame-blending motion blur where you take the last 20 or 30 frames or so depending on length of swoosh you want, speed of weapon, and power of system. you just alpha blend them all. the oldest frames should be more transparent too, so it fades. this is really just a trick to make it look like motion blur, not a wonderfully accurate one but it looks cool still! the other and easier way, is to have an object that trails after the weapon with a fading transparency texture. and that always moves toward the weapon (along its path) trying to catch up. sorta like a banner hanging of the sword with a device that pulls it inside the sword when it stops moving fast enough for a ''swoosh effect''

hope i helped

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