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Android 13

How do you make sounds?

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why not use a keyboard like a musical one... not the one i''m typing with. all sorts of possiblities!

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I have this cavity in my head that contains a lump of meaty flesh. The openning of the cavity is surounded be these two flaps of fatty tissue. Connected to this cavity in the back is a tube and a little ways down this tube is this thingy that kinda vibrates when I force air through it.

By controlling these vibrations, adjusting the size of the cavity, molding the meaty flesh and arranging the flaps of tissue I can produce sounds that sound remarkably like ''Who want''s another beer'' and ''Mine''sa pint of IPA''.

You should try it some time. Its rather exciting.

P.S. I have another part of my body that makes sounds as well. It is not as sophisticated, but it can send morse code.


Carpe Diem

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Hey guys... i''d like for you to check out a few songs i''ve created. Most of the songs I made are for games, meaning they loop around over and over very well(at least i think they are good). Just head to my music page i''m looking for feedback mostly, please check it out and email me or post a reply on what you think of the music

To comment send mail to, to see music head to kings music... Thanks alot.

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