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Designing Widgets

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I've been making some great progress with my SDL game engine lately (XEngine) and now that I've finally decided on the basic structure of the engine I've been adding useful features and tuning thing up, so to speak. I was wondering if there are any guides to designing basic widget classes in C++ or if anyone here had any ideas. I want to supply some helpful classes for creating menus and controls. I don't necessarily want these classes to be used as standard Windows controls, but rather custom buttons, sliders, etc. in game screens. I've already started the very basic design, beginning with the base class XWidget and a useful class for container types called XWContainer. I just created an XPanel class which uses XWContainer to... well, contain widgets! I'll be happy to post any more information or code about these widget classes or XEngine in general. I was just wondering if anyone can offer me some direction so that I don't waste my time making something that's just gonna break by the time I use it. :-P Thanks! (I use an 'X' naming convention with XEngine. All classes, structs, functions, and globals are contained in respective namespaces. These widget classes are all contained in the XLib::XGUI namespace. For example, the video device's full name is XLib::XGraphics::XDevice.)

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