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Mount Ext 3 Partition From windows

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I got a virus in september last year and needed to format my windows partition and reinstall. Before the format I copied all my data to a ext3 SuSe partition cause I didnt have a dvd burner at the time. Now I cant access the partition cause when i reinstalled windows I nolonger get the option to selectc which partition to boot from. I am not familiar with grub and dont know any way to boot into linux without destroying the current ext3 partition and reinstalling SuSe. I tried explore2fs but that only works on ext3 partitions. I also tried the damn small linux live cd but I dont know how to mount a password protected ext3 partition form it. So I am asking for help in trying to get back my data from my password protected ext3 linux partition I use simple passwords on my home system that i can guess so hopefully that wont be a problem.

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You say it's "password protected"...

But that doesn't mean it's encrypted, does it?

There is no "standard" way for Linux to encrypt a ext2 (or indeed, most other fs) filesystem. If it's encrypted, you're not going to get far until you work out how it's encrypted.

If it's got a working Linux installation on, you may be able to easily repair it using rescue mode off the CD, and then boot off CD with the root fs on the partition you're on.

Alternatively there are some programs which will allow a ext2 filesystem to be mounted in windows as a drive letter (I STRONGLY urge you to mount it readonly).


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This rescue disk should do the trick. Assuming the ext3 partition with the backup is at /dev/hda1 and the XP partition is at /dev/hda2:

1. Make the boot floppies, and boot with them. (The winrawrite program can be used to create the floppies in windows)

2. Create the mount points.
# mkdir /my_suse /my_xp

3. Mount the partitions.
# mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /my_suse
# mount -t ntfs /dev/hda2 /my_xp

4. Do a copy between them.
# cp -rf /my_suse/<sourcedir>/* /my_xp/<destdir>/

Alternative step 4. Chroot into the ext3 partition and issue the grub command to reinstall your MBR
# chroot /my_suse /bin/bash
# grub-install /dev/hda1
# exit

If the linux partition is a reiserfs partition, the rescue disk has support for that too, just replace # mount -t ext3 ... with # mount -t reiserfs ...
Also, If you dont know what partition suse/xp is installed on, you can use the fdisk program (just after step 1) to get a closer look at the partitions on your system
# fdisk /dev/hda
> p
> q

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