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Direct3D Animation Help Please

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(Warning: First time poster) I've been building a small 3D graphics engine for a while to gain some experience with C++, Winsock2, Window's windows (if that makes any sense ><), and DirectX. So far I've built two applications with what I've learned. The first being a simple sample program that pretty much brings together everything from what I've been trying to learn, which works and I was very happy with when finishing. But I'm taking the two steps forward and one step back approach. I've rebuilt the application to be more workable in a OO environment, and have been fiddling with X file animation using trusty old google and quite extensively a tutorial here on gamedev (Article), along with the guys always hanging out in the gamedev chat channel (which are very helpful). The problem I'm having at the moment is void CAModel::Draw() (Which is a copy of the articles CModel::Draw() ). When I call the method (Commented out in Sample 2) I get a memory access violation error addressed to a very early point in memory ex: 0x0000000F. I assume that pMesh is some how not being initialized properly. So all in all I'm not actually asking for help, although it'd be awesome if someone here was more familiar with animation than myself could give me some pointers. I'd like anyone who’s brave enough to dissect my noobish code to give me some ideas and where I should be spending my time learning things, and to scrutinize my code so I have some idea of what to do next. Sample 1 Note: Run debug compile, I cant remember why release doesn’t work anymore... Sample 2 Note: Has a memory leak, I know, it should all be contained inside of CAModel and I'll fix it once I have a better idea of how to work with animations and the objects being used by them. Also some things don’t have the FULL functionality they did in the last sample yet, ex: networking, console. (yet they are present) Feel free to use any of my code, unless its already owned by someone else, in which case I probably shouldn’t be using it ><... But thanks to everyone who’s code is in there, its helped a lot. PS: Sorry there isn’t any documentation on the samples… they aren’t large though and should be easy to figure out by any savvy programmer.

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