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Problem with screenshots

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Hello, I have an issue with making screenshots. If my app is running fullscreen and I press the printscreen-key, the resulting picture often is purely green/pink. If make a screenshot myself like this,
D3DXSaveSurfaceToFile("screen.bmp", D3DXIFF_BMP, pRenderSurface, 0, 0);

it actually depends where I place this line. I understand it would not be wise to make a screenshot directly after a call to Clear() but that is not what I do. I only get proper screenshots if I run the above code before a call to Present(), and that is what I don't understand. Present() does not make anything green/pink, does it?

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The green/pink part is from the debug runtimes - it's a special "code" that indicates an unused/uncleared buffer. You'll get it in other places as well - iirc, don't clear your render target and present it to the screen and you'll get a mucky pink/green mess [lol]

Normally you'd want to take a snapshot after the present operation as you'll get a properly anti-aliased image (if thats what you want) from the front buffer.

Two things:

1. What's your discard/presentation-parameters configuration?

2. What's your code for retrieving the image from the display? are you using GetRenderTargetData(), GetFrontBuffer() or GetBackBuffer()?


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Well, actually I was using something like this:

IDirect3DSurface9* pRenderSurface = 0;
GetRenderTarget(0, &pRenderSurface);

Never thought about GetBackBuffer().
Changing the present/discard config did not matter I believe.


What msdn has to say about GetFrontBufferData():
"This method is the only way to capture an antialiased screen shot."

I guess that is what I want. :)

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I tried this:

IDirect3DSurface9* pFrontBuffer = 0;
IDirect3DTexture9* pTexture = 0;

pD3DDevice->CreateTexture(Width, Height,
&pTexture, 0) ;
pTexture->GetSurfaceLevel(0, &pFrontBuffer);

pD3DDevice->GetFrontBufferData(0, pFrontBuffer);

D3DXSaveSurfaceToFile("screen.bmp", D3DXIFF_BMP, pFrontBuffer , 0, 0);


And got this:
"Destination surface must be in system or scratch memory. GetFrontBufferData fails."

Any idea?

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