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What if I had an idea for a new game?

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andreww    122
I am published author and specialist in a field which lends itself to a highly entertaining and popular simulation game, whcih fasn''t been done before. What should I do with my idea?

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Supreme    122
Ooops sorry for my double post
Maybe you should try at first write a design doc about your ideas (there is plenty of useful docs on Gamdedev to help you do one) the build a team from the ground up and if you''re lucky enough make that game...

Most of time people have good idea that could sells very well... but the fact is : It is playable? if yes ... It is doable? and how will it cost? how much time will it take to develop? will I be able to fund such a thing that is a video game? and research as much as you can on other companies websites, forums, etc.. to see if something like you want hasnt already been done...

Sometime we could be surprise that our idea is almost the same as some other great games that are not even out on the market yet.

That was my 2 cents.

"What is best for a Quote than this : BLANK"

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