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3d max track editor script

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hello.... ive created a track editor for my snowboarding gameusing are able to place the pieces of the slope into the world, and then you are able to place objects that you can run tres and stuff my problem is that when i export the track information im exporting the position and rotation of the objects in the world space.... in my game engine i use that information to build the objects in the game... im using ogre to develope my game and if youve ever used it, you will notice that it is i hav eto convert my position coordinates when i export... i chjange the position by switching the z and y values, and multiplying the new y value by -1 now my objects get placed in the general area...but they are off... the are off by enough to notice.... im trying to figure out what im doing wrong but i just dont know....ive even reset the xform of all the objects and that still didnt fix the problem if anyone has any ideas let me know thanks

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