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OpenGL How to draw circle use openGL?

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Look e.g. at this

The shape of especially a circle could be approximated by iterating an angle and computing the cartesian co-ordinates from the polar co-ordinates, e.g. so:

for(angle = 0; angle < 2*PI; angle += 2*PI/steps) {
x0 = radius * cos(angle);
y0 = 0;
z0 = radius * sin(angle);

Positioning of the circle as a whole appears like with any other drawing primitive by glTranslate.

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Theres no circle primitive, so you'll either have to make your own out of alot of triangles, or you'll have to use a library like GLUT.

Edit: beaten to it, and it was a much more complete answer.

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Here is a bit of code I used to draw stuff on one of my server programs, it only did collision, not drawing soIi only drew the radius of the object and a little line showing the direction of movement from the center of the circle

// we need cos(..) and sin(..)
#include <cmath>

const float DEG2RAD = 3.14159/180.0;

The vector can be just an x and y float co-ordinate struct

struct Vector
float x,y;

void drawCircle( const Vector& pos, float radius, float rotation, float r, float g, float b )
glTranslatef( pos.x, pos.y, 0 );
this makes a line pointing in the direction of rotation


for (int i=0; i < 360; i+=10)
float degInRad = i*DEG2RAD;


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like this example how to change square to circle using this coding? I don't know how to change it.

#include <windows.h>
#include <gl\gl.h>
#include <gl\glaux.h>

// intial square position and its size
GLfloat x = 250.0f;
GLfloat y = 0.0f;
GLsizei rsize = 20;

// step size in x and y directions
// number of pixel to move each time
GLfloat xstep = 0.5f;
GLfloat ystep = 0.5f;

// keep track of window's changing width and height
GLfloat windowWidth;
GLfloat windowHeight;

//called by AUX library when the windows has changed size

void CALLBACK ChangeSize(GLsizei w, GLsizei h)
//prevent a divide by zero, when window is too short
//you cannot make a window zero width

if (h==0)
//set the viewport to be the entire window
glViewport(0, 0, w, h);

//reset the coordinate system before modifying

//keep the square this time, save calculated width and height for later use
windowHeight = 250.0f * h / w;
windowWidth = 250.0f;
windowWidth = 250.0f * w / h;
windowHeight = 250.0f;

//set the clipping volume
glOrtho(1.0f, windowWidth, 0.01, windowHeight, 1.0f, - 1.0f);

//called by AUX library to update window
void CALLBACK RenderScene(void)
glClearColor(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
//set drawing color to red and draw rectangle at current position
glColor3f(1.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f);
glRectf(x, y, x+rsize, y+rsize);

//called by AUX library when idle(window not being resized or moved

void CALLBACK IdleFunction(void)
//reverse direction when you reach let or right edge
if ( x > windowWidth-rsize || x < 0 )
xstep = -xstep;

//reverse direction when you reach top or bottom edge
if ( y > windowHeight - rsize || y < 0 )
ystep = -ystep;

// check bounds. This is in case the window is made samller
// and the rectangel is outside the new clipping volume
if( x > windowWidth - rsize)
x = windowWidth - rsize - 1;
if ( y > windowHeight - rsize)
y = windowHeight - rsize - 1;

//Actually move the square
x += xstep;
y += ystep;

//redraw the scene with new coordinates

//main body of the program
void main(void)
//aux window setup and initialization
auxInitDisplayMode(AUX_DOUBLE || AUX_RGBA);
auxInitPosition(100, 100, 250, 250);
auxInitWindow("Assignment 1");

//set function to call when window is resized

//start main loop

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Original post by bradleyong83
Can you give me example about circle movement from top to botton or right and left.....i dunno how to move for looping


Strongly suggested.... I have a feeling that you are just pulling out random code out of nowhere and squishing it into your program at a given location...

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