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[SD] Ideas

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In the interests of freedom of information, idea-sharing, and all that stuff, I've decided that instead of keeping my ideas to myself, I'm going to post them here. Note that I only realised this contest was happening earlier today, so I have zero implementation (I very much doubt I'll have time to enter at all; there are other things that unfortunately must take priority). So, here's a completely unordered list of thoughts and ideas.
  • Time - one view shows the real world, one shows a very short time into the future (fighting game? racing game?)
  • Time - one view shows the real world, one shows some time in the past (stealth game? private detective? have to track down something?)
  • Matrix. Surely someone is doing a game where one of the views shows the matrix?
  • Air - one view is normal, one view shows the way the air is moving. Gliding game? Stealth/tracking game?
  • Emotion - one view is normal, one view shows the emotions people are feeling (coloured halos around people?) Detective game? Walk around the mansion and question people to find the murderer
  • Keep in mind: The game doesn't have to have one “normal” view and one “alternative” view (it's just harder to come up with an idea for two unusual views at once)
  • What if the view is more active? Look around the room using your weird super-power-view to find something.
  • It'd be cool if the two views didn't just have a sharp line between them. Maybe the view can act like a magnifying glass - lots of distortion around the edge that links one view with the other (eg, for the first idea, you could have a central circle that shows the future, and around the edge of the circle, you get distortion and weird stretched arms and legs where the normal view is morphing into the future view)
  • Daredevil! See sound!
  • Keep in mind: The views don't have to be two contigous blocks. See: Clown Finder
  • [Edit 1] What if part of the challenge was to work out which view is which? Or where the boundaries of the views are? "Is this what's happening now? Or what happened yesterday?" Supernatural murder mystery!
John B [Edited by - JohnBSmall on March 4, 2006 10:23:12 AM]

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