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Alpha blending and Textures

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My scene has 2 TransformedTextured vertex buffers (2 800x600 planes) and 1 3D character. 1 plane acts as the background and the other plane is placed at z = 0.5 to put it in the middle of the scene. I then have my character walk to the "back" of the scene. As soon as she gets behind the first plane (z = 0.5), she disappears. The texture that I apply to the plane z = 0.5 has a texture (with transparencies) applied. When the scene is initially rendered, the transparent areas are rendered correctly (can see through to the background). I am sure I must need to set some of the RenderState flags are TextureStage flags of the device in order to get the blending working correctly. Can someone either tell me what I am missing or point me to another thread here that can tell me? Thanks

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