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Python imports and circular references

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I'm new to working with Python, and I'm a bit confused about the import statement. I'm trying to make a simple Tank shooter game. I have a class TankGame which contains the main method for launching the program, as well as some important program-wide variables such as the display surface, the window size, and the list of all the Tanks and Missiles in the game. I have another file which holds the Tank and Missile classes. Both hold position and velocity information, and Tank has a few other methods. The one I'm interested in is my Shoot() method. When I call Shoot(), I want to create a new Missile object in proximity to the Tank object and register the new Missile object with the TankGame method. TankGame is in a seperate file, so I would have to say "import tankgame" or "from tankgame import TankGame", correct? But when I do this, it gives me an error ImportError: cannot import name Tank My best guess is this is because I have a circular reference. Can anyone help me find a way to resolve this problem? Thanks.

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Could you post the relevant code (you can leave the classes empty), indicating, at the very least, how you import and refer to the various names in each module ?

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import sys, math, pygame, vector, sprite
from vector import Vector
from sprite import Sprite
#from tankgame import *

class Tank:


def Shoot(self):
if self.cooldown == 0:
self.cooldown += 10
newmissile = Missile(self)

class Missile:

import sys, pygame, time, tankcontroller, tank

from pygame.locals import *
from tank import *

class TankGame:
singleton = None
quitting = False


def Get():
return singleton

def RegisterMissile(self, missile):


game = TankGame()

These are the two files giving me trouble. If I leave out either of the import's refering to the other file, it breaks my code. If I include both imports. It breaks my code.

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