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nVidia Cg Expanded Interface and DX3D Calls

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This is really just a sanity check, but I wanted people opinions on the different interfaces available in Cg for DirectX programmers. My engine is currently 100% fixed function, and I have spent the day looking through the Cg documentation as I wish to integrate into my pipeline. But I am slightly confused between the available interfaces, and how they expect your application to behave. The documentation states that the Expanded Interface calls all the required DX functions for you. And this seems to include everything, including setting texture stages. As my engine will, for the foreseeable future, use a cross between fixed and programmable pipeline, I still need the ability to call these functions myself, but using the minimal interface requires a lot of extra little calls all over the place, so I know which I would prefer! So if I use the extended interface, will it matter that I still call the following functions?

Any experiences you might have of using Cg with DX9, and the different interfaces would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance Daisy

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