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Please comment on game specification document

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Here are some questions I had when I read through it.

My first question would be, how can the war be invisible? Also I'm not very familiar with XCOM. You might would to explain its core gameplay more or find other similar game like yours(Commando/C&C?) to flesh out the description.

The title is a bit generic, maybe something more exciting to grab attention.

Could you put in a paragraph showing what a typical move would be like?

I think you need pictures. Images are worth a thousand words you know.

Make a sub-section for the strategy and tactics gameplay explainations.

How do you exactly gather intelligence and how is it represented when you have it?

Not an RPG but it does have RPGish elements right?

Good Luck to you team.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for the reply. I'm working on the items you suggested.

Would you mind having a quick skim through a revised document in a few days?

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