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GetMem and FreeMem

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how to register these 2 methods to AngelScript since it is returning a pointer to a long ? //--------------------------------------------------------- long* CObjectScript::GetMemory(long sizeBytes) { unsigned char *buffer; getmem (&buffer, sizeBytes); return ((long*)buffer); } //--------------------------------------------------------- void CObjectScript::FreeMemory(long* buffer) { free (buffer); }

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I suggest that you register a new data type to hold pointers like this.

// Register the object type
engine->RegisterObjectType("ptr", sizeof(void*), asOBJ_PRIMITIVE);

// Now register the GetMem and FreeMem to handle that type
engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("ptr GetMem(uint)", asFUNCTION(GetMem), asCALL_CDECL);
engine->RegisterGlobalFunction("void FreeMem(ptr)", asFUNCTION(FreeMem), asCALL_CDECL);


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