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[web] Newbie PHP problem

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Alright, I’m new to php and general html. I am following a php book right now and I am at a section where I should be using the calculate.php script to handle a form. The problem is that the val1 value for the field isn’t being passed to the script. Why isn’t this happening? This I my html file
<TITLE>Calculation Form</TITLE>

<FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="calculate.php">

<P>Value 1: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="val1" SIZE=10></p>

<P>Value 2: <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="val2" SIZE=10></p>

<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="calc" VALUE="add"> add<br>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="calc" VALUE="subtract"> subtract<br>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="calc" VALUE="multiply"> multiply<br>
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="calc" VALUE="divide"> divide</p>

<P><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="submit" VALUE="Calculate"></p>



This is my php scipt file, calculate.php

echo "<p>val1: $val1</p>";


When I enter values into this(say 3 and 4) and press submit, I just get a web page with the following: Val1:

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in older versions of PHP, any value passed to the script through the URL or using POST, was automatically created as a global variable. Your book seems to be using the older versions of PHP, and assumes globals is on.

Newer versions of PHP have globals disabled, as its a potential security threat.

To access the data from the form, you should use $var = $_GET["var1"] or $var = $_POST["var1"] depending on whether the form was set to POST or GET.

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