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output not desirable

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Why is the output not coming as desired...I expected 54321 but its coming out to be 55555. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int f(int x[],int count) { x[0]++; count--; if (count==0) return x[0]; cout<<f(x,count); return x[0]; } int main() { int y=0,x[1]={0},count=5; cout<<f(x,count); return 0; }

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You should be expecting 55555 from your code. The functions aren't returning (and thus cout<< isn't being called) until after the last iteration, so they all output 5. BUT, you should actually be expecting 12345, not 54321, since your adding, not subtracting.

To fix it just change the line

cout<<f(x, count);


f(x, count);

I forgot to ask why you're using an array when you only use the first node?

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