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problem using custom hash_map functor

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I've been working on this problem for a while now and its driving me crazy. When I insert multiple <key, val> pairs into the hash map I only ever get a map size of 1, the keys (structures) have different data (random in this case). I am trying to use a structure as the key type. The code below is what i've come up with after reading SGI's page on hash_maps and trying to decipher the msdn resources.
#include <iostream>
#include <hash_map>

using namespace std;
using namespace stdext;

inline float randfloat()
    return rand()/(float(RAND_MAX)+1);

struct StructTest
	float x, y, z;
	float u, v;

void setRandValue(StructTest &s)
	s.x = randfloat();
	s.y = randfloat();
	s.z = randfloat();

	s.u = randfloat();
	s.v = randfloat();

struct eqvert			// comparitor for hash map
        bucket_size = 20,
        min_buckets = 16

  bool operator()(const StructTest& v1, const StructTest& v2) const		// Test for equality.
	  bool retval = true;	// optimistic

	  // positions
	  retval &=	(v1.x == v2.x) ? true : false;
	  retval &=	(v1.y == v2.y) ? true : false;
	  retval &=	(v1.z == v2.z) ? true : false;

	  // UV's
	  retval &=	(v1.u == v2.u) ? true : false;
	  retval &=	(v1.v == v2.v) ? true : false;

	  return retval;

  size_t operator()(const StructTest& v1) const
	  size_t retVal = 0;

	  retVal += *((unsigned int*)&v1.x) << 2;
	  retVal += *((unsigned int*)&v1.y) << 2;
	  retVal += *((unsigned int*)&v1.z);

	  return retVal;


hash_map<StructTest, unsigned int, eqvert>				gHashMap;
hash_map<StructTest, unsigned int, eqvert>::iterator	gHashItr;

typedef pair<StructTest, unsigned int> vertPair;

void main(void)
	unsigned int idx = 0;

	for(int i = 0; i < 20; ++i)
		StructTest	v1, v2, v3;


		gHashItr = gHashMap.find(v1);
		if(gHashItr == gHashMap.end())
			gHashMap.insert(vertPair(v1, idx++));
			cout << "Key Val Pair exists?" << endl;

		gHashItr = gHashMap.find(v2);
		if(gHashItr == gHashMap.end())
			gHashMap.insert(vertPair(v2, idx++));
			cout << "Key Val Pair exists?" << endl;

		gHashItr = gHashMap.find(v3);
		if(gHashItr == gHashMap.end())
			gHashMap.insert(vertPair(v3, idx++));
			cout << "Key Val Pair exists?" << endl;

		cout << endl;

	size_t mapSize = gHashMap.size();

	cout << "Size of hash map is " << (unsigned int)mapSize << endl;

Any STL masters out there that can help?

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