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    • By Alexia
      Hi all,
      A small team are currently undertaking a fairly large game project involving multi-playing, taming and other complex game mechanisms.
      We are looking for someone who is experienced in programming a wide range of mechanisms, more information is on our discord server. It is also a learning experience and we wouldn't expect you to know how to do everything we wanted, but just ask that you would be willing to learn how to.
      If you are interested in joining the (rather long term project) just message me and i'll add you on discord.
      Thanks for your time,
    • By davemacdo
      I'm a formally trained composer (doctorate from Michigan State) who writes what most people would call avant-garde concert music. I love weird abstract projects, and I would like to work with somebody making a weird, abstract, artsy game. 
      You can find more about me and my music on my site. I have worked with acoustic and electronic sounds, including some procedurally generated and interactive computer music. 
      In particular, I would like to work on a project that lets me use Fmod to prepare an adaptive score for a game built on Unity or Unreal. I've been a music professor and would like to get experience working in this medium so that I can be a better mentor for my students. Send me a DM or email <davidjohnmacdonald@gmail.com> if you would like to discuss working on a project together. 
    • By Tuner_z

      Name: One Level: Stickman Jailbreak
      Price: Free
      Developer: RTU Studio
      Platform: Android
      Language: C# (Unity3D)
      Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RTU.OneLevel
      I want to show you my game! "One level: Stickman Jailbreak" is a puzzle game with unusual gameplay where you must help the character to escape from prison. You just need to take the key and get out alive. The game has only one level, and there are many ways to complete it. Not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance, so there are clues in the game.
      Short description:
      Nobody escapes from here!
      Tommy got into trouble again! Our hero is behind bars. But he's not going to stay in jail for a long time and he decides to escape. Tommy steals a key and gets out of the jail cell. But our friend doesn't go free: Tommy suddenly finds himself in the same room from which he just escaped! The conditions for escaping change every time. In order to go free Tommy will have to solve logical puzzles and you can help him in this!
      At first it will be easy, but the tension will increase, and the tasks will become more complicated with each level. You should use your brain for all 100%, but if your skill is not enough, you can use a hint or ask for help from friends!
      You can solve the puzzles alone or with your friends and spend time well!
      - 48 unique levels;
      - the game is translated into 10 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean;
      - the function of "help from friend";
      - hints;
      - instructions.

    • By Brandon Marx
      Hello forum,
      I have some decent amount of experience in Unity making games for Software Engineering projects in college, these were very specific projects however and I still am fairly new to building games. I wanted to make a game that uses the shadows of objects for collision detecting (i.e. shooting a gun at a characters shadow causes that character damage. What is the best engine to do this in (game will be 3D), and does anyone have any advice on how to approach this concept? I consider myself fairly experienced in programming, but game dev is just an entirely different beast.
    • By juicyz
      Hey all,
      I've been slowly working on my game called AotW for a while now.  I have come to the conclusions that it would be nice to cooperate with 1 or 2 others to help finish it.  Ive been trying to keep my GDD up to date with my ideas and development so that would give a better overview of the game when the time comes.  Currently I have a basic skeleton of the RPG elements needed but everything can still be discussed and talked about and we can transform my idea to something the group likes.
      The premise of the game is a Diablo-like procedurally generated map with RPG elements that include sockets, inventory, classes, abilities, crafting, loot, items, sockets, and enchanting.  This will be done in a 2D iso view as I can't do 3D art and I enjoy 2D games a lot.
      I don't plan on releasing this as this is more of a hobby project for me and I have a full-time job.  Though I'd like to start putting more hours into development and having others definitely will be motivation.  I also want to be able to say I have finally "finished" a game idea to some degree.  If the time comes and we want to release it, then we can go ahead and do so but that's not my purpose or plan. 
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Unity Final Year Project Debate.

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Hello gamedev community. Currently i am in final year at uni studying games programing, and our team has struck a debate that i though would be prudent to post on the forums and get advice from the real world to help deligate this matter. OK, we are basically given 13 weeks to come up with a game demo, this demo will be used to get us a job in the industry, now the problem is that 1 of our team members would like to use a pre-existing game engine that teachers at our uni have developed, now this is all well and good but myself and another team member want to create our own game engine using different components and intergrate them all together to help us understand how engines are made and how they work 2gether. Currently this project isnt due for another 6 months ("Roughly") and so far we have started writing the engine and have made somre real progress. Now the question i would like to ask someone is that how much of a difference would it be to write on ur resume that you wrote a fully featured game engine using real components used in the industry and make a game out of it, as oposed to using a pre built game engine made from the lectures at my uni. Here is the progress so far of our engine: 3D Engine: Ogre Sound: OpenAl (70% done) Phsyics: Newton ( done but needs refinment ) file system XML ( mostly done but also needs refinment) Now our group is well ahead of schedule as we arnt meant 2 be makn the game until last trimester, but because we are writing the engine we have started now. I would just like to ask that what people think about creating your own engine as opsoed to the one provided and what kind of impact would this yeild from protential employers.

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At this day and age companies are not looking for you to be capable to write your own game from scratch they understand that your entire game development process (outsite of game logic) can nearly entirely consist of short logic calls to wrappers.

I think you are looking at this from completely the wrong perspective. You have 13 weeks to develop the project.

Firstly drop any and all talk about developing the title beyond that of a tech demo.

Secondly draw some focus, either you make a great engine and leave it at that, or you simply opt to use middleware and pre-existing engines to develop what you want.

In order to ensure you have maximum focus consider what areas you want to go into. The current roles that would be best fitting to a graduate would be Gameplay programmer (covers nearly every area, or tools programmer, leaving out QA etc).

So you need a focus, so that your tech demo can achieve maximum impact. At the moment you would be best at either going after a solid AI agent for your game or perhaps into good gameplay. Physics are mostly done via middleware (Novodex, Havok etc (Scrap newton and use Novodex, at least you get the experience with it))

Decide as a team exactly what your project is going to do. Then find the engine that fits your title (Torque, Cipher, Unreal, Source etc) Dont be silly and just get a graphics engine, you want a game engine. As the less work you need to do the better.

So you will need to focus, and decide exactly what to achieve. I've been down this road 3 times before. I cocked it up the 2nd time, but certainly made ammends the 1st and 3rd time. (2nd time I took your approach and tried to develop everything, I got fairly far, but was not applicapble.)

In short, focus, focus, focus.

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