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Sorting polygon vertices clockwise

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Hi, i got a problem with my vertex sorting in my polygons. I need to have clockwise ordered vertices for my triangulation code to work. So i assume the problem is within my sorting code. Maybe you can find the problem of my sorting code. If you have a simpler or better performing code for sorting polygons clockwise i would also appreciate to see it.
void	SortClockwise()
	// Get center of polygon
	CVector3D Center(GetCenter());

	for(unsigned int aktVert1 = 0; aktVert1 < Vertices.size() - 1; ++aktVert1)
		CVector3D	Pos1(Vertices[aktVert1].Position);
		CVector3D	A(Pos1 - Center);
		// Create a plane thru current vertex, center and normal of polygon
		CPlane		Plane(Pos1, Center, Center + Normal);

		float		SmallestAngle	= -1;
		int		Smallest	= -1;
		for(unsigned int aktVert2 = aktVert1 + 1; aktVert2 < Vertices.size(); ++aktVert2)
			CVector3D Pos2(Vertices[aktVert2].Position);
			// Test against plane if vert can be the next
			if(Plane.ClassifyPoint(Pos2) == CP_Front)
				CVector3D B(Pos2 - Center);

				float Angle = A.Dot(B);

				if(Angle > SmallestAngle)
					SmallestAngle	= Angle;
					Smallest	= aktVert2;
		// Vert with smallest angle is the next
		if(Smallest != -1)
			// Tauschen der Vertices
			CVertex			Temp(Vertices[aktVert1 + 1]);
			Vertices[aktVert1 + 1]	= Vertices[Smallest];
			Vertices[Smallest]	= Temp;
	// Reverse vertices if needed
	CVector3D P1(Vertices[0].Position);
	CVector3D P2(Vertices[1].Position);
	CVector3D P3(Vertices[(unsigned int)Vertices.size() - 1].Position);
	CVector3D AB(P2 - P1); 
	CVector3D BC(P3 - P1);        
	CVector3D Norm(AB.Cross(BC));
	if((Normal.Dot(Norm)) < 0)
		vector <CVertex>::iterator	B,E;
		B	= Vertices.begin();
		E	= Vertices.end();

		for(unsigned int i = 0; i < Vertices.size() / 2; ++i)
			CVertex TempV	= *E;
			*E				= *B;
			*B				= TempV;			

Thanks for any help

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