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Multiple lights not working

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Ji guys, I have a proble when trying to use more than 1 light. I can enable GL_LIGHT0 ok, but everyother light will not work. I have a maximum of 8 lights to work with, I know cos I checked. Does any1 know what could be wrong? Thanks for any help given!

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I have a Lights objects that holds an array of Light objects. Lights constructor is as follows:

glEnable(GL_LIGHTING); //Enable Lighting
glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_LIGHTS, &maxLights); //Get the maximum number of lights
lightsArray = new Light[maxLights]; //Array a Light objects
glLightModeli(GL_LIGHT_MODEL_TWO_SIDE, GL_TRUE);//Set lighting model to both sides

//Initialise each light element
for(int i=0; i<maxLights; i++)
lightsArray[i] = Light(i, SceneVector3(0.0,0.0,0.0), Positional);

Light constructor is defined as follows:

Light::Light(GLenum lightNo, const SceneVector3& position, LightType type)
lightNumber = lightNo;
openGLLightNumber = 0; //this light number
openGLLightNumber =
(GLenum)(GL_LIGHT0 + (GLenum)lightNo); //openGL number for light
enabled = false; //initialise light to off
lightPosition = position; //Posiotion of light
nonLitColour = SceneColour::WHITE;
ambientColour = SceneColour::WHITE;
diffuseColour = SceneColour::WHITE;
specularColour = SceneColour::WHITE;

Light renderer is defined as follows:

void Light::render()
float ligthInfo[4] = { translationMatrix.getXTranslationValue(), translationMatrix.getYTranslationValue(),
1.0};//TODO: change this, positional/directional

glLightfv(lightNumber, GL_POSITION, ligthInfo);
float lightColour[4] = {ambientColour.x, ambientColour.y,
ambientColour.z, ambientColour.a};


//render something to denote position of light


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A short reply wud be :
glLightfv(lightNumber, GL_POSITION, ligthInfo);
glLightfv( openGLLightNumber , GL_POSITION , lightInfo );
Thats a definite bug i see there.
I dont see any think wrong any place else.

u pass i to the Light() constructor as the first argument.
Inside the constructor u are setting lightNumber to i and openGLLightNumber to the appropriate GL_LIGHTn so if no more code is changin the variable lightnumber u are passing the wrong value to glLightfv

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