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C++ Express help with Direct X

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I want to get into basic DirectX programming using Visual Studio 2005 Express, I don't know how to get VC++05EE to recognize my direct x sdk?

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download the SDK, lets say you download it to C:\DXSDK

Load up Visual Studio

go Tools -> Options -> Project and Solutions -> VC++ Directories

Add C:\DXSDK\Include for Include Directories

Add C:\DXSDK|Lib for Library Directories

You might want to move them both to the bottom of the search list too, otherwise you can get weird errors from winnt.h

For your project then, you can include DX libraries by either:

Project -> Properties -> Linker -> Input

and For Additional Dependencies put in whatever extra libraries you need (d3dx.lib, d3dx9.lib, winmm.lib i think are what you will probably need at first)

Instead, you can put in the source file

#pragma comment(lib, "d3d9.lib")

and so on....

Then just add whatever headers you need, and your done! =)

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