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YaBasic Help please

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Hi, I am an ICT teacher and some Y7s have asked me to teach them about games programming. Long story short, we are using win32 ps2 yabasic. I can't seem to get the keyboard input working properly.
	press$ = INKEY$
        //doing pong game here

UNTIL (press$ = "q")

but the screen is only updating when i press a key. I have spent ages on google and experimenting, but no success. We don't access to controllers. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks. [Edited by - DefCom on March 11, 2006 3:05:34 AM]

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INKEY$ is a blocking function. Meaning that your program stops and waits there for a key to actually be pressed.

However, as the documentation states, you can pass it a timeout parameter, specifying how long it is going to wait for a keypress. If no key is pressed by that time, it'll just return "".

So, if you do press$ = inkey$(0), it will try to grab a keypress on the fly but will not actually wait, so your program will keep running, and your screen will keep updating.

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