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Transparent Font

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biohazard_prod    122
Been toying with this problem for three days now and still no solution. I decided to do texture mapped fonts (dumped raster fonts, too damn slow). Each font is a 256x256 texture with white characters on black background. The broblem is I want to do more than simple masking. I want transparent fonts. And this is giving me some headaches. I've tried everything but I couldn't get the damn effect I was looking for. If I mask, I can't get transparency, if I use simple blending I can't get solid color. Any ideea ? PS: I use the font texture as a mask too. Managed to do masking by rendering twice, once with (GL_ZERO, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_COLOR) and once with (GL_ONE, GL_ONE)
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udaykv    126
In the font texture, load the glyph information into the alpha channel and set RGB channels to max (white) (Simple paint programs won't show you the image correctly, just plain white, use tools like DX Texture Tool to view the alpha channel).

While rendering the font enable texturing and blending (which I think you are already doing) and set TexEnv to GL_MODULATE.

Set the color to whatever you desire(rgb and alpha) before you draw your glyph triangles.

This should work.

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