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Texturing a mesh

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Is there a simple way to load a texture from a file and then attach it to a mesh? I want to create a sphere and then add a texture to it so i am setting up like this:
D3DXCreateSphere( pD3DDevice, 1.0f, 20, 20, &EarthMesh, NULL);
I am not sure where to go from here, do i need to make a custom vertex buffer or not? Thanks for looking.

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There isn't an easy way for your example...

You can use D3DXCreateTextureFromFile() to load up a texture - thats easy enough.

What's difficult is the geometry returned from D3DXCreateSphere() (and the similar functions) DON'T include texture coordinates.

You'll have to go into the vertex data and develop some sort of algorithm (many exist if you want to try it) to define texture coordinates. It can get a little involved [wink]

The alternative is to use a 3D modelling program and create the mesh (with texture) and export it to a .X file.


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