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Boss Fight demo 3 - inputs welcome!

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Out of curiosity, is it for a game actually under development at the moment, and if so what genre? I think this style could really work - depending on the genre.

I liked the ideas you had going on there. The guitar really worked.

Now let's see, constructive criticism...

I really really really really think you need to restructure the song. Just listening to it as a song and not as background to an epic battle, the chord structure gets old pretty fast. It's good for that first part, but you need to add variation to keep your audience from getting utterly bored with it.

Also, consider the idea of picturing a dynamic (volume) flow for the song as a whole. *Personally*, I wasn't expecting the song to just jump off the cliff when it does at about 0:47. At that point, you've been building intensity throughout the whole song, and all of a sudden it drops that intensity. Though intensity does NOT equal volume, I have to admit I was expecting it to build to a louder/busier part with a change in the chord progression/melody/etc.

Do you see where I'm going with this? It's like pop music today (pop meaning popular); you have intros, verses, choruses, bridges, codas, etc. These aren't just in there because everyone's doing it; they're there to give variation and a flow to the song.

So consider the idea of having different sections to your song with different chord structures, different melodies, different textures, and an overall dynamic flow to the song.

Hope I didn't discourage you with so many critical words. I really do like your ideas and just the feel of the song. =)

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I should note that I am a big fan of this type music but not qualified as an expert analyzer. So that's my bias entering this response.

I really like that song. At first I was thinking it was more of a "Gothic, Castlevanyian type" (Haven't played those games) piece, but then it started sounding like a boss battle at :17. Being a Final Fantasy 7 fan, it seems like it could be of that type, or something from 8 perhaps. If not, I think this would be excelent for some fantasy RPG, I think the style lends itself to that. I don't see this being used in anything other than a RPG actually, that's jsut me though.

At 1:21, I think you fade out too much to silence before the song resumes again. Again, not sure if that's typical for this type of music, but seemed out of place. I'd suggest keeping it fading out really low, but don't completely cut it out.

One last thing is that if this is boss fight music, it should have two parts, that first intro part would be played on the enter, then the rest after :17 would be looped. Of course that gets into game application, but just sharing that.

Other than that great work, looking forward to other music (but hopefully before another year [wink])

Now, where's the Victory Music at? [grin]

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Thanks! ^^

Well, this song was not for RPG, it was action shooting genre. Characters running around with ability similar to those good ol' airplane arcade shooting games. Bullets, Special bomb, etc..

And shooting action means lots of FX sounds. When I first made it, it was loud, had about 24 tracks and all just like modern pops, but I was keep getting the clipping/distortions with BGM + FX sounds.. And producer didn't like for BGM to bring too much attentions to ruin gaming experience.. Well, what can I say..

But I agree with you guys' inputs; I was trying to make this song loop (as usual), so all I could come up was leaving a little bit of gap. Poor job I did, couldn't come up with better textures and melody lines.. I guess I need lots of more practice and fight my lazy-ness, use/make less simple loops.

Thanks again for the inputs. I really appreciate it! ^^

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