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Half Life 1

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Hi, Does anybody know how to make a monster in half life move to a specified position just using the half life code? I'm trying to get a Human Grunt to provide covering fire for a team mate when they need to reload. I have created the Schedule and Task list needed for this except it is missing the part where a grunt will go to another grunt's aid. They will be the same as the Task and Schedule for "TakeCoverFromEnemy" except the task "TASK_FIND_COVER_FROM_ENEMY" line. This is where I mean to add in the line which will make the Human Grunt travel to their team mate. Task_t tlTakeCoverFromEnemy[] = { { TASK_STOP_MOVING, (float)0 }, { TASK_WAIT, (float)0.2 }, { TASK_FIND_COVER_FROM_ENEMY, (float)0 }, { TASK_RUN_PATH, (float)0 }, { TASK_WAIT_FOR_MOVEMENT, (float)0 }, { TASK_REMEMBER, (float)bits_MEMORY_INCOVER}, { TASK_FACE_ENEMY, (float)0 }, { TASK_WAIT, (float)1 }, }; Schedule_t slTakeCoverFromEnemy[] = { { tlTakeCoverFromEnemy, ARRAYSIZE ( tlTakeCoverFromEnemy ), bits_COND_NEW_ENEMY, 0, "tlTakeCoverFromEnemy" }, }; Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, 1stMan.

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