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geometry wars mesh warping

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great game,
i assume you mean the background grid mesh,
well its just an array of points, each containg an energy amount/direction which pass it onto the surrounding points. hmm bad explanation.
seach for the old 2d/3d water demos u see where u create ripples in water by applying waterdrops (many have source)
eg i assume this is one

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Q: One of the most striking new graphical features in the game is the "gravity grid" play area. How did you make this look so cool; does every object in the game really have its own gravity?

A: The grid itself is made up of 60,000 points, each one exerting a small amount of force on its neighbour. The simulation itself sits on the edge of stability which is what causes it to swing about so much when one of the game objects gives it a small push!

Only a few types of object affect the grid. As the grid system is rather expensive to calculate, it actually runs on the second core along with the audio system, (the first core being dedicated to gameplay and particles, the third is used to render the audio).

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