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[web] _FILES doesn't contain my file (PHP 5 and Apache 2)

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I have a form that looks something like:
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
  <input type='hidden' name='issue' value='06march'/><br/>
  <input type="file" name='picture' size='45'/><br/>
  <input type='text' size='40' name='caption'/><br/>
  <input type='submit' name='upload' value='Upload'/>  
  <input type='submit' name='cancel' value='Cancel'/>
I have a PHP script that looks something like:
  if( gpc( 'upload' ) ) {
    print( "_FILES: " ); print_r( $_FILES ); print( "<br/>\n" );
    print( "_POST: " ); print_r( $_POST ); print( "<br/>\n" );
    $tmp_name = $_FILES['picture']['tmp_name'];
    if( !is_uploaded_file( $tmp_name ) ) {
      error( "'$tmp_name' is not an uploaded file." );
(The function gpc() just tries to get the argument from all three argument sources in order) When I browse to a file and try to upload it, it prints the following:
_FILES: Array ( )
_POST: Array ( [issue] => 06march [caption] => [upload] => Upload )

Notice: Undefined index: picture in 
/var/apache/htdocs/default/RPNS/upload/uploadpicture.php on line 18

Error: '' is not an uploaded file.
I have looked at the data sent from the browser with Ethereal, and it's sending the file alright (with a filename= attribute and everything). However, it doesn't show up in _FILES. My php.ini claims that max file size is 4000000, and file upload is enabled. Apache log doesn't show any errors (it shows up as a POST in access_log). Syslog does not show any errors. This happens both with Firefox and IE. What am I doing wrong? What more should I check?

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Sounds like it's definitely a server problem.

Have a look at your PHP error log (you do have one, right?) - make sure error_reporting(E_ALL) is set.

You've done all the right things to get this to work. I suppose one possibility is that the temp directory it keeps uploaded files in isn't writeable - but I'd expect PHP to throw at least a warning in that case.


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Error logging is set to E_ALL; error reporting is set to both HTML output and syslog. Neither shows a problem.

post_max_size is 8 MB, memory_limit is set to 16 MB, max upload size is 4000000, the file I'm uploading is about 60k. My Apache doesn't have a LimitRequestSize set.

I've done file uploads before, and it's worked, so I can't figure out what's wrong now. Nothing seems different. Frustration is mounting.

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