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Skin Mesh Tracks Animation

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Here is my code for setting the Animation with the respective tracks
Desc.Enable = true;
Desc.Speed = 1;
Desc.Weight = 0.0;
Desc.Position = 0;
Desc.Priority = D3DXPRIORITY_HIGH;

for (UINT n=0; n<AnimController->GetNumAnimationSets(); n++)
    AnimController->SetTrackDesc(n, &Desc);
    AnimController->GetAnimationSet(n, &AnimationSet);
    AnimController->SetTrackAnimationSet(n, AnimationSet);

//To set the track's weight, for example to use track 2
Mesh.GetAnimController()->SetTrackWeight(2, 1.0f);
It can't run the animation that is place at track 2, i used the tiny_4anim.x model that come with the dec_sdk. Only track 0, and 1 seems to be able to work. am i doing anything wrongly?

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The AnimationController created by DirectX when you load the tiny_4anim.x file only supports a max of 2 animation tracks. You can play one at a time or blend a max of 2 at a time. So, to play more than two, you need to reassign track 0 or 1 to the other animation sets.

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