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Linking with cegui on mac

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I know this should be on the cegui forums but I registered and I did not get a conformation email sent and I don't know how to get another one sent. I tried searching the forums but did not find out how to fix all my problems and the CEGUI IRC channel is pretty much empty as well so I couldn't get any help. I finally did get everythiny to compile except the falagard bundle which I don't really care about right now, but I can't get a project working. I made a project and added the OpenGLRenderer and CEGUI frameworks and the CEGUITaharezLook bundle but I get linking errors. [Edit] I finnally managed to get it working properly. Hopefully it was worth the effort. [Edited by - vbuser1338 on March 12, 2006 7:43:42 PM]

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