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fopen problem

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I wrote a level load function that worked fine in debug, but when I tried to make a release exe it crashes. I've tracked the problem to the opening of the file. here is the code, given a level number it will open a file in the Level folder
	FILE * pFile;
	char filename[] = "Levels/level";	//first part
	char num[2];
	wsprintf(num, "%d", level);	//level num
	strcat(filename, num);		//add # to level
	strcat(filename, ".dat");	//add .dat to level

	if( (pFile = fopen (filename,"r")) != NULL)
	     return pFile;

This should open a file named "level1.dat" for example I replaced the string concatenating code with
char filename[] = "Levels/level1.dat";

and it works fine, so I believe the problem is in putting the string together. btw the function returns a file pointer so another function can read in data. I'm not sure why it works in debug, but not release. The error I get when trying to run the program us "Exception privileged instruction (0x0000096) at 0x00400080" any ideas?

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It looks like a stack overrun when using strcat() to append to filename. You haven't allocated enough room for filename. Increase the size of the filename array.

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Is there any particular reason why you aren't just doing the following?

wsprintf(szBuffer, "Levels/level%d.dat", iLevel);

Of course, provided that szBuffer is large enough to accommodate that string...

If you're using C++, you might want to use the STL.

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Original post by localrob2
WOW excellent, thanks.

What gave you that idea I mean,what hinted to an overrun stack?

filename is an array containing 13 characters; 12 characters plus null terminator. The array is filled with the string specified with no more space left. Then you append a number and file extension, and since the array is full to begin with, these must end up outside the array.

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