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Direct3D9: (ERROR) :GetClientRect Failed ?

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forgive me for being so inquisitive today and for being so implicit to express my current problem, i have this basic code as follows:
#include "Game.h"

XGMGraphics &xgmg = XGMGraphics::GetInstance () ;

	if (xgmg.Init (hWnd, XGMG_SCREEN_WINDOWED))
		return E_FAIL ;
	xgmg.SetClearColor (0, 0, 255) ;
        return S_OK ;
VOID GameMain (VOID)
	xgmg.RenderBegin () ;
	xgmg.RenderEnd () ;

{ xgmg.ShutDown () ; }
..and i have this output:
Direct3D9: :====> ENTER: DLLMAIN(00d4d6e0): Process Attach: 00000ba4, tid=00000ba8
Direct3D9: :====> EXIT: DLLMAIN(00d4d6e0): Process Attach: 00000ba4
Direct3D9: (INFO) :Direct3D9 Debug Runtime selected.
Direct3D9: (INFO) :======================= Hal HWVP device selected

Direct3D9: (INFO) :HalDevice Driver style 9

Direct3D9: :DoneExclusiveMode
D3D9 Helper: Warning: Default value for D3DRS_POINTSIZE_MAX is 2.19902e+012f, not 1.58456e+029f.  This is ok.
Direct3D9: (ERROR) :GetClientRect Failed ?
Direct3D9: (ERROR) :GetClientRect Failed ?
Direct3D9: (ERROR) :BitBlt or StretchBlt failed in Present
D3D9 Helper: IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: E_FAIL
Direct3D9: :====> ENTER: DLLMAIN(00d4d6e0): Process Detach 00000ba4, tid=00000ba8
Direct3D9: (INFO) :MemFini!
Direct3D9: :====> EXIT: DLLMAIN(00d4d6e0): Process Detach 00000ba4
The program '[2980] TestGame.exe: Native' has exited with code 0 (0x0).
somehow i think those errors had something to do with RenderBegin() and RenderEnd(), here's the code of both methods:
//Function: RenderBegin
//Contents: Beginning of rendering
//Note: This function must be called before any rendering
inline VOID XGM_API XGMGraphics::RenderBegin (VOID) 
	// Clear the back buffer to a blue color
	m_pD3DDevice->Clear (0, NULL, D3DCLEAR_TARGET, 
			     m_dwClearColor, 1.0f, 0) ;
	// Begin the scene
	m_pD3DDevice->BeginScene () ; 

//Function: RenderEnd
//Contents: End of rendering
//Note: This function must be called after any rendering
inline VOID XGM_API XGMGraphics::RenderEnd (VOID) 
	//End the scene
	m_pD3DDevice->EndScene () ;
	//Copy contents to back buffer
	m_pD3DDevice->Present (NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL) ;
i don't see nothing wrong with them, but maybe is something beyond those functions that consequently ends in a error in IDirect3DDevice::Present(). again, forgive me for being so implicit, but i just want to know what are the posible reasons of the problem thx, i did post this thread because no documentation was found on this forum. any help will be preciated thx :):) and peace ...

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Almost all DirectX calls return HRESULT. You need to check it after each call to determine where the error is. I suspect your device or back buffer is not being created correctly.

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