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Dissecting rthdribl and loading cross maps...

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First I have a non rthdribl question. I can't load "cross" type cube maps in C#. The program crashes when I try to. I've used both the .hdr image from the SDK sample and a sample from rthdribl. How are you supposed to load these things? Okay, now the rthdribl stuff. I've been studying the program trying to figure out how things work. I've made small progress that is probably currently common knowledge. Anyway, I'm wondering if any of you could help me figure out this stuff. I'm only currently concerned with how the materials work, as you'll see below. Okay, this is what I have so far: Diffuse: Uses Irradiance maps ( xxx__cross_irrad_mmp.hdr). (Applied as a static image) -Material color comes from ambient value? Duo-tone objects add a color to diffuse, as well as from-the-eye shading. Normal objects have a flat, colored diffuse. Normal objects receive all their color from diffuse. Reflective objects have no diffuse. Refractive objects have no diffuse. Textures get their color from diffuse Specular: -Comes from image maps (but which one?) As far as I can tell, specular is just a piece of the reflections Reflections: -Comes from xxx_cross_mmp.hdr files --Gold and copper add a color to the reflectance map Refractions: -Comes from xxx_cross_mmp.hdr files? --Virtual, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire add a color to the refraction map 'Roughness': (derived from the texture name) -Refractive objects have no roughness --Silver has an extremely small roughness -Metalic objects get a color component from this (includes semi-metalic, eg Pearl Mica, Blue Metalic, etc) Materials Matt - Straight Diffuse Porcelain - Just matt using very low reflectance (~.05) "Brushed" metals use a combination of xxx_cross_mmp.hdr and xxx_cross_irrad_mmp.hdr. How are they combined? Yeah, not much right now. Maybe it could also be expanded with the formulas used? [Edited by - RealmRPGer on March 12, 2006 9:30:04 PM]

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