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Irrlicht's Particle System Problem

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OK, I have been using Irrlicht for a month or so. I have been making an asteroids clone and was implementing a particle system for my spaceship. It works fine, for the most part. Irrlicht's particle system is pretty good to me. It allows for randomness in the angle of direction where particles are emitted from either a point or box emitter. My problem is that the "spreadfire" effect that you get from increasing the angle doesn't "spread" if the ship is facing straight up or down. If the ship is at another angle, it works almost perfectly except that for example, if the angle is 45 degrees, and the angle of the ship is less than 45, than the angle of the particles is limited to the up direction. I can send the demo if someone wants. It seems to me it would be a bug in Irrlicht itself, but I have never heard of it. Can anyone help out?

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