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Subversion try-to-commit a particular file/filetype?

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Hey all, I've just moved to SubVersion (+TortoiseSVN) for my SCM on top of VC++ Express, and all is working fine, except that I get a file in use error on my .ncb file. I believe checkins are atomic on SVN, so the whole process fails. Of course, this all only happens while I have VC++ Express still open. It commits fine when closed, but I like to checkin my code whenever I actually fix something [while I have the IDE open, before I start fixing the next thing]. Now, I use a lot of templated code, and the .ncb file isn't a trivial thing for the IDE to completely generate. And I like having intellisense that's relatively up-to-date. Basically though, what I want is for subversion to try to check in the .ncb file, but not to refuse the entire commit if it can't. Can anyone with some experience with SVN or TortoiseSVN tell me how to set this up, or if it's not possible? Thanks, --CJM

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