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static class in dependent lib MSVC8

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Hi, I seem to be having trouble with code like this: In a seperate static lib:
//.h file:
class Test {
	Test() {

//.cpp file:
static Test mytestclass;

And in another project (exe); make dependent on the above static lib, and run. I see nothing - any ideas as to why? (Note, it's not just having trouble with stdio, if I try anything else I get the same problems) The same code works fine in VC6. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

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Basically, if you don't use a global variable, the program doesn't need to construct it. In this case it seems like MSVC has decided you never use mytestclass so it doesn't bother.

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Thanks SiCrane,

Yes, I thought this was happening, but this behaviour seems to be very strangely compiler dependent. It seems VC8,Digital Mars both 'optimize' that code away, VC7 seems to randomly decide to include/exclude some static classes, and VC6 includes them all. I would have thought there would be a compiler option somehwere for it..

As you suggested, if I create another function within the file the static variables are then actually created;

.h file:
extern void hack();
.cpp file:
void hack() {;};

And call hack from the main program - it will cause the static objects to be constructed..

Anyone have any better/ideas solutions than this?


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