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[SD] Submitting entry - BrainBall

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Hello, Since I have to leave on a trip for the rest of this week, I'm releasing my Seeing Double entry this way on the boards (I tried PMing superpig about this, but I guess I was a bit late [smile]). I hope this way of submitting will still make my entry count, since I've worked my behind off to get it finished before I have to leave. Anyway, to avoid spoiling anyone's idea I won't talk about it here, but just link to the page where it can be found with all info about it. Pieter/Armadon can supply you judges with the file too, if the site should be down for some unforeseen reason while I'm gone. Here's a little screenshot of the entry: I have to run to get packing, so I hope you enjoy the entry and that it can still participate in the contest. Good luck to you all and see you next weekend!

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