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probloms with keys...

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hello all i am trying to make a program which needs to get some informashion by pressing some keys on the keyboard. some of them i found like VK_UP but i cant find the '+' and '-' but the ones which are near the ')' and they are above 'p' can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance

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If you look in your standard include directory you should have a file named "winuser.h", that will list all of the defined virtual key codes. For keys like the standard alphanumeric ones ('A', 'B', '0', '1' etc) you would use something like:
static_cast<int>('KEY NAME GOES IN HERE')
So to use the '+' and '-' keys (on my english keyboard) I would use:
// '+' key
// '-' key
As the codes are just their ASCII equivalent, you could go to a site such as and just find the actual numeric code for that key and use that, e.g:
// '+' key = 43 decimal
// '-' key = 45 decimal

Hope that helps you [smile].

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