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[web] Tear this apart

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Michalson    1657
I have a whole screen but please...confine me to a little box. Oh, and you've likely been testing with a high resolution (>1024x768). Most joe average folks will have an ugly scrolling artifact if they use the scroll wheel - the main screen scrolls a tiny bit to show the bottom of the main page, *then* the insert box starts to scroll.

Also, I'm guessing your AJAX style cached frame buttons don't work at all if the user has javascript turned off.

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eSCHEn    394
I liked it. It was nice and simple and had easy to navigate sections. A few dead links but I suppose since you're busy developing it then that's par for the course. One thing that was slightly irksome was the use of images to replace text. I don't mind this too much as it's sometimes necessary to achieve an effect but using images to replace what could be done with nice simple <h*></h*> tags was a bit frustrating for me.

A personal point I realise, but the default text size was way too small for me (and I notice you use the dreaded font tag!), the text enlarged very nicely though, with the design accomodating the increase in size well.

Two final points: I would let the site expand vertically rather than using a frame-based layout, this would make it much better in my humble opinion and I would definately ditch the font tags and get some good wholesome CSS in there.

Sorry if that's come across as a bit negative as that wasn't my intention, I genuinely liked the design and colourscheme.

Hope that was of some use to you! [smile]

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H_o_p_s    877
Hehe... I'm not the one actually developing it, I'm just providing some useful critique to the people that are. I really didn't like the site, but want to provide useful comments for the people that are instead of "This sucks". I would shudder to think that I was the one developing such a site, but not having the time to do everyone's website I'm on this project just to help out, not be the main developer... =)

So, keep the comments coming please! (and thanks for the comments so far...)

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Avatar God    1072
  • Design needs color!
  • Font colors are the default colors, which don't fit *any* site
  • No hover link color
  • Scroll logo is all black. Why not have some white highlights?
  • Front page images lack borders - a 1 pixel border would really help.
  • Difficult to read anything
  • Subheaders are far too light gray
  • ALL actual text is too small
  • Image text is fuzzy
  • The site should expand vertically - there's no reason for it not to
  • The site uses frames for no good reason
  • Also, the scroll bars use Windows defaults. For me (in IE), that's bright green.
  • The top links, when hovered, increase the border size, which infringes on the white space below
  • Members page: the bio links are too far away from their antecedents
  • Thank You box on bottom: very weird. Why is this boxed, or, why is it apart from the other page links?
  • The Contact page is aligned differently than the others (left margin)
  • The Home page is pseudo-centered, but the Welcome image is aligned differently than the other pages

I'm glad to hear you aren't doing this site as well... you seem to have a lot on your plate already, judging by the number of C&C posts you've made recently [grin].

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Krisc    494
why is fixed-width so good? What if they wish to put an image in there that would be too large? It would break everything and hover over a side somewhere.[/nitpick]

Anyways, it looks good except for the hover buttons, they are slooooow. And it does need more color.

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Rob Loach    1504
I like it, it's simple, unique and you know exactly what the website is about. This might've been intentional, but the lines on top and bottom of the frame remind me of music sheet lines. Very nicely done [smile].

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