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SDL Game Controller

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Has anyone tested it specifically with the Xbox360 controller? I know that at least some limited functionality will show up, I was just curious how exactly it registers under SDL as (a) I'm wanting to begin using SDL for some dev work and (b) I'm wanting to use the Xbox360 gamepad as my test gamepad.

The reason I ask is that I know that at least at first the Xbox360 gamepad, unless specifically programmed for (using Xinput.dll), had some mapping issues under DirectInput (which is what I assume SDL is using to access gamepads on Win32). I believe the issue was that the shoulder buttons showed up as a "z-axis" instead of as analog buttons, thus pressing both at the same time resulted in a "0.0" just like if neither were pressed, i.e. "L=-1.0" + "R=+1.0" = "L+R=0.0".

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