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Unreal style networking for .Net?

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The Unreal engine (through UnrealScript) has an excellent networking model where normal game objects have small annotations added to them to say how they are to be replicated over the network. The lower level Unreal engine then handles the rest leaving the game or mod developer to focus on what is important to them, and allows the underlying network model to change with little to no changes being made to the logic classes. This is an elegant system and has served Unreal well... what if it could be adapted to the .Net framework? I'm currently working on a system which uses dynamic code generation based on custom attributes in the game logic classes to automatically generate efficient networking wrappers for the logic classes. With this, you can write your game code normally in C#, add a few attribute to say how things are replicated, and the engine handles the rest. This is all based on Tim Sweeney's amazing Unreal Networking Architecture doc, and it just struck me that a similar system for C# is both possible and would make networked game creation a cinch. I've got the system up and running with the code-gen and basic networking, but it still has far to go (a preliminary doc on how this was done can be found here, with an example of creating a chatting system using two simple functions). If anyone has any thoughts on this (or would even like to help) I'd love to hear it as I'm fairly new to network programming (my background is mostly in graphics). Thanks for your thoughts, -Lewey Geselowitz -

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