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DX and Visual Studio 2005 newbie prob

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I just recently came upon Visual Studio 2005 and am working on getting my way around VC++. My biggest issue is that I can't build any of my dx progs because it doesn't know where the folder is located--and I don't know how to let it know that. Can someone tell me where I should be going to include the SDK folder? I knew if I came here, I'd get my answer the quickest :p Any help ALWAYS appreciated! Thanks -stealthgate

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I assume you mean that you want to set the include/lib folders so that the compiler will correctly and automagically find the various system files for you?

Tools Menu -> Options -> Projects and Solutions (expand on the LHS) -> VC++ Directories

The above will show you a configuration pane where (at the top right) you can select (from a drop-down) what type of folder you want to configure. For the most part, the include and library folders are the only ones of interest.

I'm using VC++ Pro, VC++ TS and VC++ EE and they're all the same - good luck [smile]


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