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trouble with opening and loading a file

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I'm trying to make a program that loads the IDv3 tag of an Mp3 file, but I can't find any information regarding the offsets and bytes of the information (name, artist, etc) If I did find it, would the best way to go about changing the name be to find the offset where the name begins, go to that point, load in however many bytes the name is, change it, then write it from the same place I loaded it? Thanks

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Use the IOStream Library - it's usually the easiest thing to use when working with files that implement random-access data (jumping to offsets and locations in the file).

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Here's a link on wotsit for the .mp3 format.

The approach would depend on the method used in the file. If they used NULL terminated strings, you would need to insert the characters of the new name followed by the null terminator. If they use pascal-style strings, you'll have to find where they store the string length, which will tell you how many bytes to load.

Once you know the offset, you can load it in like you said. Don't just overwrite it though, unless it's the same number of characters.

It will be easy to find if you use a hex editor. Just search the ASCII output until you find the text. If it's NULL terminated, you know what to do. If it's not, I'd look to see if there's a 32-bit variable directly before it that happens to contain a value which is the same number of bytes as the string. If it's not, you'll have to use that file format info to find the offset to the string length.

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I opened up a few different files with a hex editor, and all of them at the beginning where I think the ID3v tag is is different, very different :/

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Where? I had found those at wotsit before, nothing helped... the one file was a dead link that looked promising :(

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Click on the one that says: "Mpeg 1.0/2.0 LayersI, II and III header and trailer formats [Laurent Clevy]"

It has all the information you need.

Oh, and it's easier than I thought. Here's the info on the artist, etc.


at end of file - 128 bytes

offset type len name
0 char 3 "TAG"
3 char 30 title
33 char 30 artist
63 char 30 album
93 char 4 year
97 char 30 comments
127 byte 1 genre

- genre :

0 "Blues"
1 "Classic Rock"
2 "Country"
3 "Dance"
4 "Disco"
5 "Funk"
6 "Grunge"
7 "Hip-Hop"
8 "Jazz"
9 "Metal"
10 "New Age"
11 "Oldies"
12 "Other"
13 "Pop"
14 "R&B"
15 "Rap"
16 "Reggae"
17 "Rock"
18 "Techno"
19 "Industrial"
20 "Alternative"
21 "Ska"
22 "Death Metal"
23 "Pranks"
24 "Soundtrack"
25 "Euro-Techno"
26 "Ambient"
27 "Trip-Hop"
28 "Vocal"
29 "Jazz+Funk"
30 "Fusion"
31 "Trance"
32 "Classical"
33 "Instrumental"
34 "Acid"
35 "House"
36 "Game"
37 "Sound Clip"
38 "Gospel"
39 "Noise"
40 "AlternRock"
41 "Bass"
42 "Soul"
43 "Punk"
44 "Space"
45 "Meditative"
46 "Instrumental Pop"
47 "Instrumental Rock"
48 "Ethnic"
49 "Gothic"
50 "Darkwave"
51 "Techno-Industrial"
52 "Electronic"
53 "Pop-Folk"
54 "Eurodance"
55 "Dream"
56 "Southern Rock"
57 "Comedy"
58 "Cult"
59 "Gangsta"
60 "Top 40"
61 "Christian Rap"
62 "Pop/Funk"
63 "Jungle"
64 "Native American"
65 "Cabaret"
66 "New Wave"
67 "Psychadelic"
68 "Rave"
69 "Showtunes"
70 "Trailer"
71 "Lo-Fi"
72 "Tribal"
73 "Acid Punk"
74 "Acid Jazz"
75 "Polka"
76 "Retro"
77 "Musical"
78 "Rock & Roll"
79 "Hard Rock"
80 "Unknown"

So you CAN just overwrite it, since the sizes are fixed. How odd that genre is actually a number instead of a string. Guess they were really fixed on getting it into 128 bytes.

Note: The offsets are from the end of the file.

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yeah.. from the end? so would I use the fseek function with SEEK_END? That makes sence to me.

Thanks :)

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Actually, how can the offset be 0 from the end? and 3 and 30 and so on? I tested them and they return garbage too. :/ Would the way to seek 128 bytes from the end of the file be

Well, I read the information correctly, one hurdle :)

But when I try to edit it and write it back... nothing changes, when I know that the char's in the array change, I tested that.

int main()
FILE *file;
int r;
char c[128];

file = fopen("song.mp3","rb");

fseek (file,0,SEEK_END);

long place = ftell(file);

place = place - 128;

fseek (file, place, SEEK_SET);

for(int x = 0; x < 128; x++)
fread (&c[x],sizeof(char),1,file);
if(c[x] == '_')
c[x] = ' ';
fseek (file, place, SEEK_SET);

fwrite (c,sizeof(char),128,file);

fflush(file); //
fclose (file);// not sure which of these is neccessary, or both


[Edited by - 00dave on March 14, 2006 6:43:17 PM]

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