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Hey everyone. Not all of us are advanced user into C language or the such. So I gave up on learning any C for a while and moved onto something much easier. Called Game Maker. Which a couple of you Privated Messaged me, and gave me the link. So I put together a web site dealing with this program. Game Maker is basically a easy drag and drop game engine, with a crap load of features. I have included video tutorials on creating your first game using game maker. Ill also host your files, games you create with it. Here are some of the key features listed off the site. # Upload your files and host them on the Game Maker Dev website. This means all your users will get your game, demo, application the fastest way possible, no waiting in lines, and no down time. I'll host them for free. You owe nothing. You pay nothing. No strings attached. Check out the forum for more information on getting your files hosted. # Screenshots: Wanna show off your almost completed project? Wanna let others see your sprite drawing skills? Have a cool effect to show off? Did something crazy happen in a game, and you want everyone to see it? Well look no further. Go to the "screenshot" page and upload your album today! # Chat Rooms: Don't feel like waiting for an answer? Dont like to keep going back to the same website looking for your answer, only to find nobody has replied? Well with our chat rooms, you don't have to wait any longer. Get in there and get asking! Or get in there and start answering. Chat rooms are also available just to chat. # Forums: Forums from Game Maker, to creating 3D in Game Maker, tutorials. Theres nothing you can find in our forums. All topics covered. If there is something you'd like to see, let me know, and Ill see about putting it there. You can be sure our forums, and chat rooms are 100% clean. With our word filters, and moderation, you'll always have a plesent experience. # Shout Box: Just wanna give a hello to someone? Messed up on a submission, and you wanna let me know, it needs fixed? Let me know there. Shout box is updated every 2 minutes, so you can be sure I'll get your message. # Once again, do not refrain my using the unlimited, bandwidth at no charge to you. Users will not get advertisements, or get sent to 10 different links when trying to get the file they want. With our services its a direct download. Full credit, 100% goes to you. I take credit for nothing. # Last not least everyone. Enjoy. I hope you enjoy this site, as much as I enjoy putting it together. Its for the Game Maker community, from someone who enjoys the Game Maker community. Here we can broaden out horizons, and much more is available to you. Everyone take care. Have a good one and enjoy. Please note: I welcome all tutorials, demos, applications, full games, links, so keep them coming! So come visit us at www.gamemaker-dev.com Hope to see you there!

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