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problem with SDL

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hi, i can't seem to figure why i get these errors
error: `int SDLGraphics::imageLoad(std::string, int, int, int)' and `SDL_Surface* SDLGraphics::imageLoad(std::string, int, int, int)' cannot be overloaded
error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `imageLoad' with no type
error: prototype for `int SDLGraphics::imageLoad(std::string, int, int, int)' does not match any in class `SDLGraphics'

for this code SDLGraphics.h
SDL_Surface *imageLoad (string filename, int transparentRed, int transparentBlue, int transparentGreen);

SDLGraphics::imageLoad (string filename, int transparentRed, 
						int transparentBlue, int transparentGreen)
	SDL_Surface* loadedimg=NULL;
	SDL_Surface* optimisedimg=NULL;
	loadedimg= IMG_Load (filename.c_str() );
	if (loadedimg != NULL)
		optimisedimg= SDL_DisplayFormat (loadedimg);
		SDL_FreeSurface (loadedimg);
	SDL_SetColorKey (optimisedimg, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(optimisedimg->format,transparentRed,	transparentBlue,transparentGreen));	
	return optimisedimg;				

i'm using eclipse IDE under fedora core 3 (if this info might help though i don't think it's compiler or OS dependant). any help is apreciated :)

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