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Small function's implementations in headers

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Recently I have been working with some code which basicly has all the short functions(1 or 2 lines) implementation right in the header instead of just the declaration of the function. Is this a good idea? It might help people find small functions easier than in a huge file... For example:
//file foo.h
struct foo
   int a;

   void long_func();
   int do_it(int val){a = val; return a;}//Wise or stupid?
   foo(){a = 0;}//Same question

//file foo.cpp
#include "foo.h"

void foo::long_func()
//Do a bunch of stuff here

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Original post by Baraclese
Defining member functions in the class declaration will implicitly declare them inline. And yes it can help readability in some cases.

More speciffically, if you are implementing a property-like interface with get_ and set_ functions I would find it easier to read it in the .h file then the .cpp file.

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