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does boost facilitate game development?

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jpetrie    13132
In boost? Plenty.

I use lexical_cast, format, the smart pointers, string_algo, array, dynamic_bitset, bind and mem_fun, function, the utility library, ref and result_of, thead, random, pointer_container, filesystem, optional, and tribool often.

I've dabbled with spirit, regex and a couple other libraries but haven't found a good use for them yet (most of what I'd want to do with them is more complex and I prefer other, external tools like ANTLR, or Perl scripts to do it for me).

And yes, all of this is in a game development context.

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jyk    2094
Original post by derek7
are there many function that stl does not contain that facilitiate 3d game deveopment ?

platform: x86 windows
Just to reinforce what the previous poster said, absolutely. My current game project makes extensive use of boost, and will probably do so even more as time goes on. In short, use it.

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nilkn    960
Boost is a great (and very large) collection of libraries. I would find it hard to accept if there is nothing in the boost libraries which is of use to you.

Edit: Agh, I completely murdered the second sentence.

[Edited by - nilkn on March 14, 2006 9:39:11 PM]

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