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DirectX Extensions For Visual Studio .Net 2005 Problems

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Hello everybody, I am having a problem with my DirectX SDK installation. I installed the latest one (Feb2006), and it worked fine. Then, I installed a game (F.E.A.R.), and it seems to have installed an older version od DirectX (still 9.0c, just older). So, before the installation of the game, when I run the Visual Studio .Net 2005, it shows the list of things installed(in the splash screen thingy), and DirectX Extensions was one of them. Now, after the installation of the game, when I run the VS2005, it doesnt show the DirectX Extensions there, but there is an empty space instead(before the SDK installation the space wasnt there). When I go to the About of the VS2005, it says DirectX Extensions for Visual Studio are installed, but there is no icon/image thingy for it , like the is for everything else(all the languages + crystal reports). I tried reinstalling the SDK, didnt help. Tried removing it, rebooting, installing again. Nothing. Trying Modifying it->remove the extensions, reboot, add the extensions again. Nothing still. Now, I've never used the DirectX extensions thing before, and not sure that I need it at my level of knowledge, but this thing is annotying the crap out of me, so if anybody can help/recommend something, I'd be gratefull. Thanks in advance, Anton.

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