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DirectDraw & crashing

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Ive been having problems with direct draw (versions 2-7) For some reason, my program (which is very basic and routine, it just creates a DirectDraw object, sets coop mode for fullscreen, sets video at 640x480x8, and creates only a primary surface) is crashing. it works up to the point in my main event loop when i must lock the primary surface. It is crashing, because i am not even getting a return code -- the program exits right there, and thats it. heres my code: memset(&ddsd,0,sizeof(ddsd)) ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(ddsd); OutputDebugString("cleared ddsd"); // this is just so i can know that its the lock call if(FAILED(lpddsprimary->Lock(NULL,&ddsd, DDLOCK_SURFACEMEMORYPTR | DDLOCK_WAIT, NULL))) { OutputDebugString("Could not lock surface"); // im not getting this message } OutputDebugString("Lock surface"); // i do not get either of the messages, and at least this one should be showing up. None of this code gets executed because it exits at the lock call. i really have no idea. whats strange though, is that it was made on a computer with win98 and crashes, but it works on a win2k computer. the guy with the win2k computer said that it was a memory leak, and that win2k can handle them better and was able to run it. any help would be appreciated.

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This might be totally irrelevant but I usually fill the ddsd.dwFlags with DDSD_CAPS and then I do ddsCaps.dwCaps = DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE. Forgive me if this has nothing to do with what yer trying to do

Just for reference, I'm using DirectX6.0 (cuz LaMothe teaches with it, I'll do D7, 8 later) here's the sourcecode from my GameInit():

/create main dd object
DirectDrawCreate(NULL, &lpdd, NULL);

//request interface

lpdd->QueryInterface(IID_IDirectDraw4, (LPVOID *)&lpdd4);



ddsd.dwSize = sizeof(ddsd);
ddsd.dwFlags = DDSD_CAPS;

lpdd4->CreateSurface(&ddsd, &lpddsprimary, NULL);

//create our palette

PALETTEENTRY palette[256];

//fill our palette with color


palette[12].peRed = 255;
palette[12].peGreen = 0;
palette[12].peBlue = 0;
palette[12].peFlags = PC_NOCOLLAPSE;

lpdd4->CreatePalette(DDPCAPS_8BIT, palette, &lpddpal, NULL);


And then I Lock when needed with lpddsprimary->Lock(NULL, &ddsd, DDLOCK_SURFACEMEMORYPTR | DDLOCK_WAIT, NULL)

Hope it helps!

Peon [/source]

Edited by - Peon on January 25, 2001 11:01:37 PM

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that init code is pretty much the same as mine. i knew not many people would be able to help me, cause its just one of those mysterious things that is unexplainable and only happens to me
. If anybody knows why its not working, at this point ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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While a surface is Lock()''d, you cannot write to a file; assuming thats what OutputDebugString() does.

Solution: Keep all debug strings in a memory buffer and write them to disk when the time is safe (outside of locks).


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